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Toddlers - Ages 1-3 Years 

  • Increases awareness of the senses and helps with understanding spatial concepts.

  • Builds coordination and balance. 

  • Encourages creativity in a fun way.

  • Builds a foundation for a healthy and happy life. 

Preschoolers - Ages 3-5 Years 

  • Promotes self-discipline.

  • Increases awareness of self and others. 

  • Maintains and builds a healthy, flexible spine. 

  • Helps develop an understanding of nature and the environment. 

Kids - Ages 6-9 Years 

  • Instills confidence with new experiences and challenges. 

  • Builds self esteem.

  • Can encourage teamwork (sense of value).

  • Strengthens nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and muscular systems. 

Pre-teens - Ages 10-13 Years 

  • A non-competitive alternative to sports. 

  • Learn the value of self-worth. 

  • Builds emotional strength.

  • Increases strength and flexibility.

  • Helps find a sense of calm and self control.

 High School Ages 13-18

  • Helps to balance the mind and body. 

  • Increases self esteem.

  • Builds breathing awareness and understanding of anatomy basics. 

  • Teaches respect, compassion and sharing. 

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for Toddlers to Teens

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